Friday, October 24, 2008

rock n roll - zadig et voltaire

The french really seem to embrace rock n' roll in everything. They have their imitation Elvis in Johnny Hallyday and the women love to dress like rock star groupies. This usually entails lots of black, skinny jeans, a casual top and a great slouchy bag. The store that dominates this look is Zadig et Voltaire. They are found all over Paris and they love cashmere sweaters with words like "MICK", "KURT" and "PEACE" stitched on the back. Their clothes are tight fitting, lofty and overpriced. They definitely have some cute items, but it comes with a price tag which seems ridiculous for the quality. Nonetheless, it is a staple in a Parisian's wardrobe. I admit to having a few pieces, but I resisted the sweaters with random English words stitched in. There is an outlet in the Marais next to Mariage Freres on rue Bourg-Tibourg. It is kind of hidden and sometimes you can find good deals. I got a cute long-sleeve shirt there the other day with some gold stitching for 48 euros. If you have the energy, you should check it out.

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Martine said...

Love your shopping tips. Since I hate to shop, I can do it vicariously without leaving the computer or spending money. M