Friday, October 3, 2008

Private Sale? In the 16th?

After I left the chaos of the show, I decided I could use some retail therapy. I heard about this sale via It is basically the french version of Daily Candy. Anyhow, it was on the other side of Paris in the 16th which is notorious for being extremely bourgeois and generally kind of boring. Alas, I took the metro and got off at La Muette. The store is called Espace NGR and is located on rue de boulainvilliers. It is not super easy to find, but once you are in, it is so worth it.

You have to check your coat and any other little bags you have with you. They give you a clear plastic bag and you are off! The sale this week was Prada, D&G, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Sergio Rossi accessories and shoes. It was a war zone. Boxes everywhere, clothes off hangers and stressed women all around. The choices were amazing. I nearly died for a Prada Mohair coat which made me look like cousin IT, but it was so warm and cozy. Everything was at least 60% off. Since I am presently on a shopping ban, I resisted. It nearly killed me. I tried on a pair of Sergio Rossi bootie heels which made my legs look so sexy, but the sales woman said the gap between my heel and the shoe was far too large. Leave it to french women to tell you the truth. Luckily, they don't work on commission. I left feeling totally dissatisfied but the sales occur every week. Next week is Vanessa Bruno and American Vintage. I can assure you I'll be ready.

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