Friday, October 3, 2008

Colette remodeled

I decided to make my way to Colette today to check out the new decor. It had been closed for most of the summer in order to remodel the famous digs. They had opened a temporary store in NYC this summer during the close. Anyhow, little did I know that everyone else had the same idea.

The place was packed. They had a wall of custom-made sneakers and a walled off row of t-shirts and hoodies. I felt like I was in Brooklyn on acid. The music was blaring and hipsters were everywhere. They still have the great book department and gadget displays. Unfortunately, they moved all the beauty products upstairs.

Upstairs you are still overwhelmed by mannequins with gorgeous shoes and gothic/hipster outfits. It is amazing. I saw lots of Valentino and Lanvin shoes. Black and fur was everywhere. There was still a great deal of YSL bags, but all in colors of grey or black. It is always hard to ask to try things on there, because you feel like you are in a living gallery.

The beauty products were tucked in a cooridor in between going to the art expo on the little loft. One felt like if you moved too quickly, you would ruin their displays. I saw a salesperson using a ruler to make sure all the lipsticks were in the right place.

I fell in love with a Marie-Helene de Taillac little bracelet. They were delicate and in the nice indian gold she is famous for....maybe I'll get it the next time I do a tour there.

Colette was definitely the rest stop between shows for the fashion crowd. Loads of Goyard bags, black clothing and attitude was abundant today.

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