Monday, May 25, 2009

S&M Ostrich at 'merci'

Just had to show you the funky bird I spotted at 'merci'. This is why I love Paris and the shopping here. You really never know what you will see!!

Hotel Particulier - Another concept store!!

So I read in a very parisien magazine about another 'concept' store that was being talked about the 'people' in the know. I had such a wonderful experience with 'merci' that I figured it could be fun. Alas, was I ever wrong. The french love to go with an idea and really ride the hype. The OG of concept stores 'Colette' embodies how it can go too far. They have taken the 'concept' from concept store and basically have brought Brooklyn to Paris via very expensive t-shirts and a staff that is OCD with having to arrange things. I want to believe the original 'concept' of such a store is to be a one-stop shopping experience. A place where someone's good taste goes beyond one category; meaning I will find the right clothes, shoes, dishes, music and products to make my life super hip and amazing. 'merci' takes it out of Brooklyn and makes it very Parisien. We find very french labels, colorful textiles, jewelry that girls in paris acutally wear and cute kitchen utensils. They make it accessible, whereas Colette can make you feel kind of uncool because sometimes you just don't want to spend loads of money on a pair of Vans that are neon green....Anyhow, Hotel Particulier doesn't really fall anywhere on that radar.
I went in and all I found were some funky clothes, fancy laundry detergent that I could get it at Whole Foods and some lipgloss that was really colorful and sticky. I was super disappointed. Clearly the folks that launched this store have connections in the fashion press world and that is how they got the press because honestly the store is a huge disappointment.