Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Consignment Stores- Left Bank

So today I ventured to the other stores listed in the IHT article. By chance, I was near St. Germain, so I headed over to Le Depot-Vente de Buci located on 4 rue de Bourbon Le Chateau. There are two stores. One store has mid-range items and the other stores carries more luxury good. The second store is where I focused my critical energy.
First of all, it seems all the women who work at these places are pretty unfriendly and can be downright rude. So be prepared when you go into these stores. On that note, let's see what I found!
They had a pretty good collection of YSL, Chanel and some LV. I found some YSL suits for around 280 euros. I found a YSL raincoat for 180 euros, but it looked pretty old. I also found a LV type of raincoat, short, clearly a model during the Murakami rainbow color years, for 400 euros. It is the type of store that if you have patience, you may be able to find a gem, but the majority of the stuff wasn't really of the season and some of it felt almost vintage-y. The shocker was a Hermes Kelly bag, size 30 I believe in a hard calf leather without the shoulder strap or dust bag for 3000 euros. It was in passable shape, but I have found on the internet similar bags with all the accessories for about the same price.
The stores is close to many tourist trappings and shopping. So, if you are having a drink at Cafe Flore or Les Deux Magots, swing by and maybe you'll find something that moves you.

After that stop, I headed to the other side of the 7th, past Les Invalids to check out Amelie par Luxury located at 17 rue Amelie. This store is not easy to get to and transportation to that area is challenging. So, I decided to go by foot and by the time I got there, I was pretty tired.
The store was a great surprise. The saleswoman was really nice. The first one I have encountered at these stores. Her items were well organized, clean and of the season. This meaning, she had everything for fall and winter out. Her shoes were off the ground and put on a very clean shelf where you could pick and choose without bending down. There was a good bit of Chanel around. I found a gorgeous Chanel mid-length raincoat for 800 euros, a Marni wool long coat for 350 euros and another Marni coat for 650 euros. The prices are comparable with WK Accessories, but it is a friendlier environment. She had nice purses as well, but the selection paled in comparison to WK. Also, they have a website which is based in Switzerland and they have loads of stuff.
This store is worth the visit if you are in the area.

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