Monday, October 6, 2008

Consignment Stores - Right Bank

So two of my favorite shopaholics both sent me an article on depot-vente(i.e. consignment stores) spots in Paris on the same day!! I figured I could not disrespect them, so I decided to take it upon myself to explore the conspicuous consumption possibilities. I took the metro to Tuileries and ventured out.
Once one is out of the metro stop, you are basically in fashion central. Not the typical Champs-Elysees type, but the very fashionable area dominated by Colette. The store is right up the street from the metro. So, I walked up the rue Marche St Honore and began looking for WK Accessories.
It was literally spitting distance from Colette. There were some remnants of fashion week milling about since in the Tuileries Gardens, there was an industry market called Atmospheres which had tents all over and had exhibits from up and coming designers. Anyhow, back to the store... So, in the window they had two Hermes bags, Louboutin shoes, Givenchy bag, YSL coat, and loads of other luxury good items. You walk in and there is a round rack of purses ranging from Fendi to Louis Vuitton. I spotted a brand new YSL patent leather muse bag, large size, for 600 euros. The woman said they had loads of brand new bags. I also noted loads of Marni dresses, starting at 400 euros, good amount of Chloe, much of it with tags still on and a good amount of Chanel. I found a gorgeous Roberto Cavalli sweater, brand new, for 500 euros. There was alot of clothing with the tags still on.
There was a good amount of shoes as well, though I didn't really explore them carefully. Most of them looked worn and I am not a fan of worn shoes.

I watched a woman come in with a rolling LV bag and two big LV vernis bags with stuff to sell. She was laquered in designer-wear and you could tell she cleared her wardrobe every season. I got the impression this store got the cream of the crop on the right bank.

I explored another store that was mentioned in the IHT article called La Marelle located in the Galerie Vivienne. There was no comparison. Though the Galerie is beautiful and worth a visit, the store has very mid-range items. You found some Isabel Marant, Max Mara and Comptoir des Cotonniers. I felt that these type of brands you could buy for new on sale rather than go to a consignment stores. The beauty of a consignment stores is to find amazing pieces that; 1) you have never seen or were able to get on the waitlist, 2) they just cost way too much to buy new and in season.

So, if you really want to check out a 'worth the detour' store and you are ready to drop some euros, check out WK Accessories at 5 rue marche st honore. I will definitely be hitting it again judging by all the women coming in with bags of things to unload!!

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