Friday, October 3, 2008

Fashion Week!!!

So, here I am in Paris and it is fashion week. I decided to look up what shows were going on yesterday, and low and behold, Stella McCartney had a show not so far from where I live. Alas, I figured I'd swing by to see what it really involves. Wow! I slowly walked around the Carreau du Temple in the 3rd arrondissement and then I saw the chaos. Fashionistas everywhere and wannabe fashionistas. There were also tons of papparazzi. I never really considered myself the stalker type, but I have to say I was really intrigued. I took out my camera to take pics of the amazing shoes, outfits and maybe the token 'celebrity'.

The women walking into the show were all dressed in black and wearing HIGH heels. Sandals were de rigour. Despite the cold, the gladiator type black sandals were the uniform. Bare legs and all. The fashionistas were all incredibly thin. I took a photo of the Carine Roitfeld while she was passing by. Her calves are tiny! I also spotted Natalie Vodianova and her husband Lord Justin Portman as they were trying to get into the show. Clearly the doorman did not recognize them and they struggled to be let in.

Alas, the show only lasted 20 minutes and then people were pouring out of the show. The papparazzi were shooting away. I spotted 'the sartorialist' Scott Schuman taking pics afterwards. He is very friendly and super energetic.

I realized that the Japanese do not just dominate the Louis Vuitton store here, but they dominate the shows as well. They remain a super styled out population.

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