Monday, October 6, 2008

Palais Royal

I have to admit, I love the Palais Royal. Not only is it connected to my favorite author's old apartment (Colette) but it is a tiny little piece of paradise in the middle of Paris. It has amazing stores in the arcade, a beautiful garden and always interesting art installations. They have a new one called 'Guardianes' by Xavier Mascaro. In the middle of children playing in the sand and the fountain, you now find a series of seated iron guards protecting a skeleton of a boat. They are placed in a line with the first guards at either end facing away from the boat and the others facing toward the boat. It is amazing. Additionally, the Palais Royal has added a little something new to their normal pylon installation. They have surrounded it with a wall and you can only look into the pylons via a colored window. The windows are at all heights so kids can enjoy it as well. For a garden attached to the Comedie Francaise, it definitely embraces modern art and makes it accessible to everyone.

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