Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chloe outlet

This was clearly the last sale of 'press sale' season. The city is littered with 'stocks' or outlets, it just takes time to figure out which ones are worth visiting. These pseudo exclusive sales are a good way to get new clients. Anyhow, there was a password and then you could get it.

Everyone loves Chloe. Ever since Phoebe Philo re-invented the label a few years ago, every wannabe 'bobo' fashionista yearns for Chloe. Unfortunately, the price points are usually really high. So, alas, I went to the outlet to see what deals were to be had!!!

The area is one of those 'transitonal' neighborhoods of Paris. It is near Republic which also flanks Belleville which is known to be a bit seedy and not so glamourous. This is also a neighborhood that is becoming hipper as we speak. The 3rd and the 11th arrondissement are the ultimate urban village. Cool boutiques such as Vanessa Bruno, Antik Batik, Shine and APC occupy real estate here. Things still feel Parisien without feeling too gentrified. So, it seemed appropriate that the Chloe outlet was on the outskirts of this 'hood.

Upon entering, you see loads of bags. They were between 500-800 euros with 20% off. I saw some Paddingtons, Bay bags, but no Paraty bags. The clothes were a big mix. They had loads of sweaters, pants and dresses. The price point varied from 100 - over 500 euros for fur coats. Everything had an additional 20% that day. So, for Chloe, the prices were ok, but compared to the other press sales I had been too, it wasn't the best deal. Next door were the shoes. I saw ballerina flats for 112 euros ( super cute!!) heels for 200 and some boots. It was there that made the trip all worth it. I found some cute purple suede flats that were so soft that I couldn't leave without them. Chloe outlet 5-7 rue J P Timbaud 75011, closest metro is Oberkampf.


Anonymous said...

Hello Elaine -

I would love to visit the stock Chloé but did not quite understand the required password comment that you made. If you are not local and not able to answer the right question (in French) would they not allow you to come in?



Anonymous said...

i went in june and the guy said its an invite only sale but i showed him a piece of paper printed from the site and he let me in
but he was a dick

the bags are pretty old
the sunglasses were cheap and the clothes were okay

Anonymous said...

How does the password thing work? Does it change every year or month?
I will be traveling to Paris soon and was wondering if you can share the secret on getting the password.