Friday, November 14, 2008

marc jacobs staff sale!! i got in!

So in Paris, there are alot of people who work for the LVMH group. Luckily, one of my husband's friend happens to work there. He knows nothing about fashion, but when I hinted that I would LOVE to go to a staff sale, he quickly invited me to the Marc Jacobs sale. I was over the moon!!

I arrived at the sale site early and I was able to chat to one of the sales woman taking a cigarette break. She said the line was long that morning and that people were in a total panic trying to get the best items before the person next to them. This sale was only for the folks who worked at LVMH, so it wasn't even open to the public and it was madness!

I watched with envy as women walked by with bags full of MJ shoes, bags and clothing. I spotted a very styled out Asian fashionista lugging a bag and she had on the required fur hat of the season. I asked myself if these people took the day off or they just took a very long lunch to shop??!
Anyhow, I got in and the atmosphere was thick with anticipation and stress. I found Marc by MJ bags for 100 euros. A very long table full of bags and all of them were the same price. I watched women carrying on one arm six bags and talking furiously on the phone to their girlfriends clearly filling orders or just describing what was available. On another table, I found Stam bags for 350 euros, but they were not moving much. The bag is several seasons old and it is far too heavy to carry around. Nonethless, most of the MJ line bags were 200 euros and up. I found racks and racks of clothes. I got a MJ red shiny raincoat for 100 euros, a frilly blouse for 40 euros and a wool skirt for 45 euros. The prices were really interesting but there was so much stuff, that you felt overwhelmed.

I wish I could have stayed longer, but my sponsor was eager to leave. I just hope I get invited to more sales, or maybe I should just get a part-time job at LVMH???

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