Sunday, November 9, 2008

Azzedine Alaia- Outlet

So littered around Paris are outlets or 'stock' as the french call them. They are often a bit hidden and never have big signs on their storefront. I had heard of the Alaia boutique from a girlfriend bragging about her beautiful new shoes. Alas, I decided to check it out myself.

I ventured on Rue Verrerie to find this infamous outlet. This street is in the heart of the Marais, close to the metro 'hotel de ville' and to the most comfortable Starbucks in the city. So I knew the area well since I spend alot of time around this neighborhood. I walked up and down the street and I could not find it. I finally went past an archway and I spotted a plaque/intercom with ALAIA engraved on it. That was all. I walked through the arch to a courtyard and saw a door. All the windows were frosted. I entered and there I found a small room with loads of clothes and even more shoes.
I was not familiar with Alaia's wares, but I can vouch that if you wear his shoes and clothes, you could moonlight as a dominatrix. Everything fits tight to the body and the shoes make you look hotter than hot. I tried on a pair of boots made of leather so smooth it felt like butter. It laced in the front with a square toe and a heel that demands attention. The original price was 1000euros and it was on sale for half of that. Thus, most of the items started at 800 with 50% off. You feel like you are part of a cult when you are there or that you belong in a George Michael video from the 90's. Definitely worth the visit. 18 rue verrerie, 4eme.

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The Style Hive said...

OMG - great post! I know this is old but its good to hear it how it is from someone who has been to the 'infamous' back store.