Friday, April 10, 2009

Patrick Roger - Chocolate for the ultimate Easter bunny

Patrick Roger is one of the most amazing chocolate makers in France. He has a few boutiques scattered throughout the city, and each boutiques draws you in like Willy Wonka's chocolate forest. It is Easter time in Paris, and that means dramatic wonderful vitrines.
I fell upon his St. Germain boutique and was mesmerized by the colorful strange scene. Everything is done in chocolate. The hedgehogs, sardines and the cabbage patch scene are all done by him out of chocolate. There is nothing I like more than being impressed by the artistry in the city, and this vitrine simply supports my love for Paris.
Not only is he an artist with chocolate, but the chocolate is the smoothest and cleanest on the palate. You walk into his turquoise boutique and the pure smell of chocolate surrounds you. I have bought several boxes of his treats and I am always left with how wonderful it leaves your taste buds. I am heading there tomorrow to buy my hollow chocolate bunny filled with chocolate fishes and other little animals. You can find his wares at Happy Bunny Day everyone!!!

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